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Building VO / NGO Database

The objectives of the Voluntary sector are to encourage and promote voluntary institutions for development, reducing dependence on Government, promotion of self-reliance and accelerated rural and tribal development through Voluntary action. Eligible VAs/ NGOs arc extended financial assistance for organizing/conducing training programmes, workshops .seminars of public importance, etc.. for motivating workers / beneficiaries. The District Planning Officer recommends VAs/NGOs for provisiun of financial assistance and oversees the implementation of the scheme at the district level.

The proposed outlay for the Voluntary sector during the Eleventh Plan, 2007-2012 is Rs. 600.00 Lakhs. The approved outlay for the Annual Plan 2007-08 is Rs. 50.00 Lakhs and the entire amount is expected to be utilized in full. The proposed outlay for Annual Plan 2008-09 is Rs. 65,00 Lakhs.

The approved outlay for the Voluntary Action Fund during the Tenth Plan is Rs. 150.00 Lakhs and the actual expenditure incurred during the Plan period is Rs, 190.00 Lakhs,

The table below indicates the financial and physical achievements in respect of Voluntary Action Fund since its inception till date:-



1995-96 10.00 23
1996-97 15.00 42
1997-98 2 1.00 64
1998-99 19.00 89
1999-2000 20.00 163
2000-2001 27:75 270
2001-2002 35.00 363
2002-2003 3O.00 264
2003-2004 30.00 297
2004-2005 30.00 353
2005-2006 50.00 489
2006-2007 5.0.00 407
2007-2008 65.00 Not yet finalised

District wise Report  for the 2006-07

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