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Functions and Objectives

The Directorate of Economics and Statistics is primarily engaged in the field of collection, tabulation, compilation, analysis, processing and interpretation of Statistical information pertaining to various sectors of the economy and disseminating of the same to the user agencies. The Objective is to coordinate of Statistical activities of all Departments of the state, monitoring and liason with various agencies of Government and supplying statistical data to Planners, Administrators in the form of reports to cater the needs of effective Planning Processes and administration of the state. Besides following up the Central Statistical Organisationís guidelines in the matter of broad national Statistical system in the country and the state as well, the Directorate also collects and compiles data generated by various other departments as part of the functions and Statistical activities.


The Directorate of Economics and Statistics is established under the administrative control of the planning Department of the Government and it comprises of 3 (three) level organizational set up as noted below : -

  1. Headquarter : At the Headquarter the Directorate functions under the guidance and supervision of the Director as the head of the Department. He is however assisted by other Officers of the viz. Joint Director, Deputy Directors, Research Officers, Statistical Officers, Registrar, Finance and Account Officer. At the headquarter of the Office is supported by a member of ministerial and technical staff while in the field the actual collections of primary statistical data are carried out by the District Statistical Officer and other field staff.
    The Establishment Section is under the supervision of Deputy Director (Admin) with the assistance of Registrar, Superintendent and other Ministerial Staff. The section is engaged in the administration, planning, financial and budgetary and establishment and account matters.
    For the smooth functioning of the Directorate at the Headquarter in each field the administration of the Directorate has been divided into 7 (seven) sections:- 1. Agriculture Section; 2. National Sample Survey Section; 3. National Income Section; 4. Census of Government Employee Section; 5. Publication Section; 6. Price Section; and 7. Administrative and Accounts Section. 8. Data Processing Section.
    The technical works of the Directorate falling under the jurisdiction of the Section/ Divisions mentioned above is carried out under the technical guidance/ supervision of the Joint Director/ Deputy Director and Research Officers and is assisted by Statistical Officers and other supporting technical Staff.

  2. District Headquarters : At the District level there is a District Statistical Officer in each of the 7 (seven) Districts of the state who is assisted by the technical and establishment staff comprising the Inspector of Statistics, Sub-Inspector of Statistics, Primary Investigator and Field Assistants. The primary function of the District Officers in the District is to supervise and to ensure that the field works by the field staff under them are carried out as per time schedule and compilation and submission of the same is completed in time. For ensuring effective supervision, each District Statistical Officer has been provided with one vehicle.

  3. Block Offices : At the community and Rural Development Block there is one post of Sub-Inspector of Statistics in each of the 39 Community & Rural Development Block who is responsible for collection and maintenance of various type of Statistics at Block level. The District Statistical Officer of the Districts exercise administrative control over the Sub-Inspector in the Block and under the operative control of the Block Development Officer.

Infrastructure etc.
For quicken in the tabulation and analysis of Statistical data generated through Censuses and Survey and to disseminate the information in the form of publication, the Directorate has acquired 10 nos. of computers, 2 laptops, 2 photo copier machine, fax machine, line printer, etc. Besides these, each and every District Offices have also been provided with computer machine.

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