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General information about the council

  1. Name : State Council of Science, Technology & Environment (SCSTE), Meghalaya.

  2. Address : Lower Lachumiere, Shillong- 793001.

  3. Nodal Officer : Member-Secretary, SCSTE, Meghalaya, Lower Lachumiere, Shillong-793001 Ph. No – (0364) 2505511 (off.).

  4. Constitution : Constituted by Government of Meghalaya and registered under Societies Registration Acts, 1983.

  5. Mission : To ensure effective utilisation of Science & Technology for all round development of the State.

  6. Function : To identify, formulate, execute / co-ordinate and follow-up programmes/ schemes for the State on various aspects of Science & Technology.

  7. Head : Chairman.

  8. Functional Authority : Chairman, Executive Committee.

  9. Chief Executive Officer : Member-Secretary.

  10. Type of Organisation : Autonomous registered society of the State Government.

  11. Composition of the Organisation: (i) General Body (ii) Executive Committee (iii) Council Secretariat.

  12. Composition of the General Body & Executive Committee: Annexure I & Annexure II

  13. Council Secretariat : The Council, as well as the Executive Committee, is serviced by a compact secretariat comprising of S&T personnel and administrative staff headed by the Member-Secretary. The Council Secretariat coordinates/implements the decisions of the Council including its various policies and programmes. The Secretariat also execute all field activities of the Council. The Council Secretariat is funded by the Department of Science & Technology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India with partial support from the State Government.

  14. Organisation Structure : Annexure III

  15. Controlling Authority of the State Govt. : Planning Department, Govt. of Meghalaya.

  16. Funding: : The Council is funded by Planning Department(S&T), Govt. of Meghalaya and Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India.

Council at a Glance

  1. CONSTITUTION: Constituted by Government of Meghalaya and registered under Societies Registration Acts, 1983.
  2. MISSION: To ensure effective utilisation of Science & Technology for all round development of the State.
  3. FUNCTION: To identify, formulate, execute/co-ordinate and follow-up programmes/schemes for the State on various aspects of Science & Technology.
    • Popularisation of Science Programme
    • Introduction of Appropriate Technology Programme
    • Technology-Oriented Entrepreneurship Development Programme
    • Specific Projects Programme
    • S&T Library & Documentation Programme
    • Sponsored Students’ Projects Programme.
    • Science Centres Programme
    A wide range of schemes are undertaken under each of the S &T programmes of the Council and are implemented at various levels in the State.
    • Improved Chulha
    • Organic Composting
    • Solar LED Lighting
    • Low-Cost Cold Storage
    • Water Filtration
    • Home Scale Paddy Dehusker
    • Stabilised Mud Block
    • Paddy Thresher-cum-Winnower
    • Cement-Brick
    • Biomass Drier
    • Low-Cost Sanitation
    • Low-Cost Oven
    • Hydraulic Ram Pump
    • Waste Paper Re-cycling
    • Rain Water Harvesting
    • Leaf Plate Making
    • Pedal Pump
    • Charcoal Making & Briquetting
    • Kitchen-based-Biogas
    • Hydraulic Ram Pump

Regular schemes of the council

  1. Popularisation of Science Programme(PSP):
    • State-level Science & Environment Fair.
    • Block-level Science & Environment Fairs.
    • National Children’s Science Congress.
    • Science Awareness Camps.
    • Science Exposure Trips.
    • Environmental Awareness Camps/Marches/Campaigns.
    • Science/Environmental Talent Competitions (Quizzes/Essays/Exhibitions, etc.).
    • Science Workshop/Seminars/Popular Lectures/Exhibitions/Demonstrations.
    • Educational Satellite Communication Programme
  2. Introduction of Appropriate Technology Programme (IATP):
    1. Technology Initiation Camps.
    2. Installation of Technology Demonstration Units
  3. Specific Projects Programme(SPP):
    • Research-based Projects.
    • Scientific Studies/Surveys.
  4. Sponsored Students’ Projects Programme (SPP):
    • College-level Students’ Projects
  5. S & T Entrepreneurship Development Programme (S&T EDP):
    • Technology-Oriented Entrepreneurship Development Programmes
    • Technology-Oriented Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps
  6. S&T Library & Documentation Programme (S & T L & D P):
    • Procurement of books, magazines, journals, etc., for the S&T Library.
    • Publication of the S&T Newsletter.
    • Publication of Technology Brochures.
    • S&T Documentation.
    • Documentary Films on S&T Activities/ Technologies.
  7. Science Centres Programme (SCP):
    • Shillong Science Centre
    • District Science Centresi
  8. State S&T Council (SSTC) :
    • Assistance to the Secretariat of the State S&T Council

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