Meghalaya State Enterprise Architecture (MeghEA)
The State of Meghalaya envisions accelerating growth and having better living conditions for its people. The State has taken substantial strides in deriving a Growth Agenda to help realize the vision. The Agenda revolves on six focused development pillars viz. Human Development, Infrastructure, Primary Sector and Entrepreneurship; with the cross-cutting pillars of Governance and Environment.
In order to operationalize this agenda, the state has taken up Meghalaya State Enterprise Architecture (MeghEA) project to transform the State into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.MeghEA is a policy and implementation framework for the digital transformation to transform departments under Government of Meghalaya to facilitate state of art citizen, business and government services. This initiative will enable the common man to avail the existing services of the Government with ease and in a time bound manner.
The State has started implementation of the MeghEA Blueprint with the Integrated Finance Solution which was launched by the Hon’ble Union Minister, MeitY and Hon’ble Chief Minister, Meghalaya on the 17th September, 2021. The introduction of this system will help improve efficiency of various processes relating to approvals, sanctions and release of funds for schemes. 

MeghEA Overview Presentation